The Project

Compact solution tailored to your needs.

The Nadolnik Compact Apartments project is an undertaking which fully embraces the current properties market trend. Larger cities across Poland have seen an increase in popularity of so-called smart apartments dedicated to students and young adult professionals. You will be able to call it a home wherever you are in your life journey.

Compact size of the development’s apartments means maximum functionality and efficient use of space. Their relatively small size poses no limits thanks to carefully considered design of the interior. A full-size wardrobe space will be situated past the entrance to each apartment. Each bathroom will accommodate a full-size shower cabin and the kitchen area will be big enough for all mod-cons, including a dishwasher. Smart space arrangement will make it easy to switch the flats from day-time to night-time activity. Even though the development will have a communal laundry area, each apartment will have a dedicated space to fit in a washing machine. Thanks to smart space design even 20 square metre suites at the Nadolnik Compact Apartments development will easily fulfil all daily needs of two individuals. What’s more, each flat will either have a balcony or access to the courtyard.

The design of the development takes into account how future residents will not only want to relax after a hard day but also to get on with their lives. The Nadolnik Compact Apartments space will allow you to do shopping, meet friends or do sports.