The Area

Inspiring Environment

The Nadolnik Compact Apartments development is situated right by the heart of the city. Some of our Residents will be young people still in education who will love how close to university campuses their homes will be, e.g. The Economics University, SWPS or UAM buildings are really close by. Graduates starting out their professional lives will appreciate the vicinity of mid-size companies’ offices as well as big international names, such as Volkswagen or Bridgestone. There are also the Malta House and Malta Office Park buildings nearby. It is no coincidence that we chose Poznan to invest in – there are 130,000 university students studying every year in the city and undoubtedly some of them will become our residents.

Close to nature and to the heart of Your city

Whether you’re planning to meet friends in the city centre or go on a weekend excursion out of the city, Nadolnik is perfectly situated to give you an easy transport option. Bus stop on Główna Street is just a three minute walk away. The very popular Poznan bike sharing scheme’s docking station is just next to it. The Poznań-Wschód train station is situated nn the adjacent Wschodnia Street.
The Nadolnik Compact Apartments developments and nature are inextricably linked. The development is situated within the Tadeusz Kirschke Park which has been revitalised only two years ago. Step outside of your apartment and bicycle lanes, walks or park benches to sit down on are within your view. These inspiring surroundings will relax you with their tranquillity and let your creativity flow.

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